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Opening remarks

Chair: Lisa Kirkland - Principal - School Leadership, NSW Department of Education


Key priorities for improving mental health outcomes for Principals

It is estimated that approximately 70% of Australia’s 10,000 school principals reach retirement age in the next five years and replaced by younger principals whose inexperience may create more risk of adverse health outcomes from the stressors of the job. In this session, our speaker will address:

  • Understanding why it is important in improving the working conditions for principals and teachers will enhance the learning outcomes for students
  • Assessing the impact of the increasing complexity and workload demands for Principals
  • What resources are available for school principals?
  • Going beyond School Principal’s Health & Wellbeing survey data: what will make a positive difference?

Philip Riley - Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Australian Catholic University


Panel: Mental health strategies for teachers and staff

Principals and teachers are faced with increasing competing demands, ranging from administrative, operational, teaching, management and community-related responsibilities. How are different schools addressing these challenges?

  • How to support the mental health of teachers and staff
  • Strategies to help teachers who affected by student violence
  • Preventing teacher and principal burnout and stress
  • Helping teachers to manage unrealistic expectations of families and communities


Lisa Kirkland - Principal - School Leadership, NSW Department of Education


Henry Grossek - Principal, Berwick Lodge Primary School

Kathy Powzun - Director - School Operations and Performance, NSW Department of Education

Karen Yager - Deputy Headmaster of Student and Teacher Excellence K-12, Knox Grammar School


Morning tea


Panel: Three different whole school approaches to mental health for students

What do effective programs look like and how can school leaders respond rapidly to personal and community challenges? In this panel, the leaders of three very different schools will discuss their challenges, strategies and approaches.

  • Targeted and evidence based wellbeing programs in different contexts
  • How to build a mentally fit school with limited resources and funding
  • Data-driven student mental health strategies
  • Strategies to address anxiety, self-harm, domestic and family conflict
  • Extracting insights from student data to shape your school’s mental health strategy


Lisa Kirkland - Principal - School Leadership, NSW Department of Education


Gregory Grinham – Principal, Granville Public School

Maxine McSherry - Principal, Kangaroo Island Community Education

Mark Smith - Principal, Lomandra School




Case study: Effective student mental health programs at Carey Baptist Grammar School

What early intervention and prevention strategies can be implemented in our national schools?

  • Preventing depression, anxiety and suicide in high school students
  • Adopting practices to support, nurture and build an inclusive school environment
  • Engaging with parents in your school’s mental health strategy

Shane Kamsner - Head of Student Development, Carey Baptist Grammar School


Case study: Developing and implementing a new wellbeing framework to combat bullying

This session will highlight how schools can work together with the greater community to prevent bullying and foster positive social interactions amongst students.

  • Understand the steps and hurdles to integrate a new wellbeing approach into your school’s framework
  • Providing the tools for students to develop positive and respectful relationships to prevent bullying incidents from arising
  • How Waverley College is applying ‘Positive Education’ to students through leadership and building resilient relationships
  • Effective strategies to optimise the holistic wellbeing of students

Matthew Porter - Deputy Head of Senior School, Central Coast Grammar School


Afternoon tea


In-conference workshop: How to implement a successful mental wellbeing strategy plan

Mental wellbeing is increasing in prevalent in schools. In this interactive in-conference workshop you will learn:

  • How to offer meaningful support to students suffering from anxiety and mental health issues
  • How to raise awareness with parents through open dialogue and communication strategies
  • How to appropriately support children whose parents struggle with mental health issues
  • How do you build capacity of young people to respond to the stressors in their lives
  • Implementing skills-based programs within school curriculum

Corinne McDevitt - Founder, Training Lab


Closing remarks from the Chair


End of conference


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